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The heavens blessed this couple with rain, and even though it threw the garden ceremony plans out completely, this did not take away...

Talk about a modern dream! For a fresh take on the floral, white blooms were chosen for the center pieces on each table. 

Kelly & Chad

Londi & Muzi 

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This business is about empathy & advocacy


Empathy and advocacy go hand in hand. I have empathy for couples that are trying to plan a wedding during a tough economic time and what kind of decisions they are struggling with in terms of the luxury items. My struggle at the same time, is in being an advocate for the work that I do and making sure that I am being compensated in a way that makes sense. ⁠For purposes of this article, I would like to concentrate on décor. There is so much that goes into the design elements. This means that a lot of time goes to sourcing, comparing prices and finally the logistics of ensuring that all items are delivered and collected according to schedule. I know a lot of girls dream about their wedding days from when they are young and have a clear picture of what they want. The disconnect is having a realistic understanding of how much things cost versus what you think the final figure should be

The Rands and Cents

If you do not have a wedding planner to guide you, please read a lot of blogs that will set you in the right direction in terms of a reasonable budget for décor. Shortlist décor companies based on your budget. This is most importantly for your own sanity. There is no way that you would go to Porsche when you know your budget is for a Toyota. This way your expectations are managed. PINTEREST is amazing but make sure it does not create unrealistic expectations on your side. Also keep in mind that a designer would be able to give you a dream wedding, if you gave them the freedom to design something that is suitable for your budget, instead of trying to replicate the picture that you present to them.

Less is more

Some tables are so cluttered that as soon as guests sit down, they begin removing the décor from the table. Now these are the very items that have cost you sleepless nights or have been a subject of great debate. A table that is tastefully put together will give a much better guest experience and create a conversation or ice breaker for people that may not know each other at the table. Take advise from your designer, they have your best interest at heart. They will assist you to go for a mood instead of throwing elements together and hoping for a miracle.


When you have a designer working on your wedding day, they are going to create a mood board for you that ties in all the areas of your wedding, so that there is harmony and follow through in every design element. This will be from your signature drinks, stationery, and the pre-reception area. Your décor is not just about the guest table. A wedding planner brings in this expertise and yes, this does cost money. These services that make your function flow seamlessly, take time to prep and involve years of skills. This is where I believe that you must trust that your planner or florist is on your side and they will bring that romantic mood to your day




This business is about empathy & advocacy



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The heavens blessed this couple with rain, and even though it threw the garden ceremony plans out completely, this did not take away from the beauty of this sophisticated wedding