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The heavens blessed this couple with rain, and even though it threw the garden ceremony plans out completely, this did not take away...

Talk about a modern dream! For a fresh take on the floral, white blooms were chosen for the center pieces on each table. 

Kelly & Chad

Londi & Muzi 

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Why Should You Have Wedding Website

Wedding Website

Your wedding website should not be an after-thought because it plays a BIG role in creating that enjoyable experience you’re investing so much energy into. Wedding websites have improved wedding planning tenfold. They allow for easy access to information for the wedding couple and guests. Best of all, it is all in one place (and online) making it easily accessible on the go and easy to share. Your website can be used to tell your special story. Click here to get started on your wedding website ! See my 5 reasons why a wedding website should be on your wedding checklist of must-haves.

Important details and updates

A wedding website is made to make your life easier. You can post all of the important information for your wedding day in one online, easy to find place. No more fielding last minute calls from guests who have misplaced their invitations. All of the key information such as date, venue, dress-code, and reception details as well as additional helpful hints.

Wedding Invitations & RSVP

With a website, you can manage your wedding invitations, guest information, and RSVPs in a single space. The world is moving online and so should your wedding. You can send your beautifully designed custom e-invites to your guests and incorporate a page for them to RSVP. Your guest can respond with their plus one information and dietary requirements giving you all the information you need for catering and planning in one place.

Tell your story and personalise it

A wedding website is an opportunity for you to tell your story. You can tell the touching story of how you met your significant other. Or how the proposal happened, and how you are getting ready to tie the knot. You can include a beautiful interactive story which shares your love through pictures and slideshows. This will allow you to celebrate your love and create a buzz.


An e-wedding website will reduce your carbon footprint. You will save paper from using online save the dates, invites, and RSVP’s. You will be able to post your wedding photos on your website instead of printing and sending them to your guests or making CDs.

Gift Registry

No one likes getting useless gifts or three of the same Carrol Boyes serving spoons. The solution to this is not revolutionary as it is common for the happy couple to get a gift registry for their wedding. A wedding website, however makes this even simpler for you and your guests. Your website will allow you to have links to the various stores or online stores where you have created a gift registry.

When Should You Create Your Wedding Website

Create it at least 6 months before the wedding, if you want it to be really useful to you.





Why Should You Have Wedding Website

Wedding Website


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The heavens blessed this couple with rain, and even though it threw the garden ceremony plans out completely, this did not take away from the beauty of this sophisticated wedding